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Meet The Wolf Team

Labor of Love

Sharing history and lots of love with our customers.

Our staff is more like family than people who just work here. United together for one purpose...keeping the history of this beautiful hotel and our little town alive and treating our customers with impeccable service. 

We are proud to provide the best rooms, saloon, tours and food in West Kansas and look forward to making your stay here a time you won't soon forget. 


Chris McCord

Chris fell in love with the hotel and in 2013 decided to purchase it and bring it back to life. Chris continues to be the face of the hotel with his crew working along side to help keep it alive.



Kelli has been on the project from the beginning. Chris often blames her for making the dream come alive.  She is now behind the scenes as the special event coordinator and bar manager.



Beth has been on the project for several years, getting brought in to peel wallpaper and ended up staying as one of our decorators, tour guides and doing just about anything we need.


Miss Sally

Miss Sally is our resident expert in "all things Wolf Hotel". She will greet you as you enter our hotel and often is dressed for all the holidays throughout the year. Ask her about her fiance and don't forget to try her signature drink, Miss Sally's Hard Cherry Limeade", at The Underground Saloon!



Megan began on the project by helping remodel a historic house in Claflin and was talked into staying. She has been on the project for several years and now serves as an office manager, bartender, waitress and all-around go-to for all things hotel-related.



Stacy was brought in for our first "After Harvest Festival" and couldn’t leave. She now serves as a bartender, waitress and event help.



Brian is Stacy's husband, who by association, was brought into the project and decided to stay with us. He also serves as a bartender and event help.



Lana is one of our resident cooks. She has taken on the role of venue coordinator, catering and Sunday cook.



Shane is married to Lana so once again, the association factor helps us with some special events and repairing things around the hotel.



Curtis has been on the project for several years. He currently serves as one of our bartenders, and event help and has been known to lead a tour or two.



Kayla is another one of our housekeepers. She serves mainly at our sister location, The Manor, but will also fill in at other locations.



Nora is also one of our resident cooks.  She came on to the project during our first After Harvest Festival. She now serves as a cook, caterer, and bartender.



Tanya is one of your housekeepers. She serves mainly at the Wolf Hotel, but will also fill in at sister locations. She also does some of our decorating.

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