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Save the Tunnels!

We are in danger of losing the ability to tour the tunnels and keep this piece of history available to the public. New sidewalks are coming to Ellinwood and while this is a good thing, it presents a special problem for The Ellinwood Underground Tunnels that are directly underneath these sidewalks, under the Hotel Side This portion of the sidewalks will need special reinforcements that are going to cost a lot more money.


The City has been generous enough to apply for grants to help pay for most of the added expense, however, we are still in need of $66,000 just for the tunnel system and we have until the first of the year 2023!

In addition, the hotel needs $650,000 for general restoration projects. We have floors that will need special restoring and I-beams that need to be replaced along with windows, tuck point and a new roof.


We continue to apply for grants but unfortunately we are not always the recipient of those. How can you help? Please see below for several options! 



Help us SAVE THE TUNNELS! Please note that we are are "for profit" entity and your donation will not qualify for a tax write-off. 100% of your donation will go toward the sidewalk project first and then toward  the hotel restoration projects.


Purchase a Souvenir

Head on over to our souvenir shop and take a look at our  signature coffee mugs, t-shirts, shot glasses and more. 


Buy a Brick

 “Buy a brick” to be displayed on our lobby wall in honor or celebration of that someone special. The brick will have a small gold plague with your inscription of your choice.

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